I miss my dad

I miss my dad.

He was a non communicative, dysfunctional father…..who I hardly knew…..

but I miss him like crazy.

I wish I could ring him up and ask him about how to change an oil filter, even though I know how.

I wish I could play squash with him, and go easy on him, because when I started thrashing him, he no longer wanted to play…..

I wish he was here to give presents to my kids…because he was GREAT at that…..

If your dad is still alive, no matter what he is like…don’t take him for granted.

One thought on “I miss my dad”

  1. Hi Mark, it is funny how certain times of the year we miss people. Christmas is one of those times.

    I don’t actually miss my dad as a person, but I miss not having a dad present as I grew up. Sometimes I miss the games of squash or cricket that never happened. I think there will always be an ache inside me that mourns what I missed.

    I think this ache is one of the things that drives me to be the best dad I can be for my kids.


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