The day before the day before the day

John Finkelde mentioned on his blog that he loves the 23rd of December….and wondered if he is the only one…he isn’t…I do too!

Isn’t the anticipation of something just as good as actually obtaining it?
Has not God designed us to be dreamers…to desire…to chase after?

I believe He has.

Last night I took the family to the ‘Nativity’ scene/drama in the city. It was awesome. Geoff Woodward (spelling?) from Metro Church and the evavenscent (spelling2?) Michael Battersby led the thousands of people gathered there in carol singing…I am friends with Colin, Michael’s brother, and we often joke that despite their obvious similarities, Michael is the outgoing one…he is! Colin is an awesome worship leader, but their style is quite different.

Michael and his team did a great job.

Then Ted Bull (ABC) basically read the story from the bible, interspersed with drama, real camels, and carols.
Seriously….no mention of Santa….candy canes or anything else.
Just the beauty of the nativity story, presented in a contemporary manner to thousands of non church folk…

What a blessing…..

There is a lot of ‘Grinchness’ around this time of year, let us not be among the green headed monsters….Let us instead celebrate this awesome time of year, an opportunity to reflect, to share our faith, to share our lives, to celebrate with famiy…..

I believe in a God who is exuberant, creative, fun, positive, visionary, celebratory…a God who commands His people to party…COMMANDS THEM!!!

Let us throw off those things that bind us..and Celebrate the King’s Birthday.

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