One of my goals/strategies this year is to hold four men’s events, culminating in the Grand Final Weekend away. That is unless of course the mighty Dockers are in the GF, in which case I’ll be in Melbourne.
But here is the graphic I have put together for our upcoming event, should be a blast!

6 thoughts on “MUD”

  1. good 4 u… hope it all goes well & look 4ward in reading the outcome in ya blog

    not sure if u offer it – went looking 4 it – do u offer rss feeds?

  2. mud – hmmm wot does it stand for? men under demand? marks unique dedication?

    anyways, tried to the bedford baptist site – doesn’t seem to be up states ‘a freckle site coming soon’

    also might send your jpg to graham mabury’s nightline show for a little publicity if thats ok?

  3. Rss feeds, I know I should do that, but I cant even get the header looking good on my blog.

    MUD “Men under duress” but its a secret!
    Its meant to be ironic, and the men are meant to have somewhere to get away from it all. Truth is though that I just liked the sound of MUD for a mens group, and had to get the acronym to fit, but men under demand is good as well!

  4. Thanks anon,
    we had a crappy website, but now my mate from Freckle Creative is doing a great one for us, but it is in production at the moment, should hopefully be up in about 3 weeks, thanks very much for the plug!

  5. i heard it on nightline aswell where it was plugged twice – where graham mentioned the flyer and the website; once on wednesday and once last night – just happened to have the rad on in the background – there popped up MD on the rad! hope its a big turn out.


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