New Logo for Baptist Union on its way!

To all who signed the petition requesting a new logo for the Baptist Union… is on its way!

Rod Benson reports….

“The BUA has commissioned a well known graphic design company to recommend a new logo, and the BUA National Council has agreed to sign off on the final design in May 2009 (it meets twice a year). “

4 thoughts on “New Logo for Baptist Union on its way!”

  1. That is good news. I used to drive past an old Baptist church everyday on the way to to work. Everyday I would think that logo needs to be updated!

    From memory the Churches of Christ updated theirs a few years back which made it look a lot more current and appealing.

  2. Excellent news! Now we can finally enter the new millennium! Only problem is, knowing Baptist Union types, we will have the new logo at the turn of the next millennium and future bloggers will be fighting this battle again!

    But I guess that is a tad pessimistic!

    Well done Rod Benson!

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