Leadership Tips…..surveys don’t work

How many surveys do we find in the New Testament?
Lets get all biblical for a moment…..If we are to learn from the New Testament as a model of church government, the closest we find is in Acts 15…where ‘it seemed right to them and the Holy Spirit”

Yet even in that context, James had to stand up and say something…someone has to lead, and take responsibility for that decision. You cant spend a weekend away, and then not decide anything! That is a horrible waste of the time God has given us.

In a church context I have often see a consensus model hijaked by malcontents, those with hidden and unspoken power agendas….that does not work. Some might say, we need time to come to a consensus, what a joke…redeem the time, the days are evil.

Some might say, a pragmatic approach does not leave time for reflection, maybe. Maybe we spend too much time reflecting, and not enough doing.

I once took a survey of my church, a few years ago. I had a positive response, which told me little really. I have two scathing reports, which also told me nothing.
At the conclusion of the matter, church growth will rise, fall or stagnate on the basis of leadership. You need to trust your own leadership, and if you cant, let someone else lead.

Inspired in part by John Kinkelde’s leadership series and Tony Morgans’ post ‘Consensus Sucks

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