Pictures in the Park….

It was a great night.

The weather was beautiful
Big crowd, biggest we have had for this event
Sold out 3 times of sausages etc….bought out IGA

The picture shows the set up, but we did have a bouncy castle as well. The crowd was about double what is shown here…about 250 people.

Great movie, meet the robinsons….people clapped at the end!

Lots of good conversations. Caught a number of our people sharing about ‘who put this event on” and why….they were enthusiastic and purposeful about sharing….I did up a promo to show pre movie….but it was a bit light still when I showed it. Next time I will show it at the end instead.

Thanks to all those who worked their butts off to make it happen.

3 thoughts on “Pictures in the Park….”

  1. Sounds great Mark. Looks like you are starting to see the fruit from the merge and you are really getting a presence in the local community. It is encouraging to hear about it.

  2. Multi-media artist, Jon Stewart fan now outdoor cinema mogul – ok I'm getting more impressed here Mark!

    How about blogging on how you put this sort of night together & make it such a success – it'd make good reading … IMHO.

  3. Good to hear Mark – sounds like you’re really tapping into the heart of your community: got to be happy with that! Congratulations on pulling the whole thing together.

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