My sons birthday

Number one son…..has turned eight.
Late last night Melinda and I were reminiscing about his birth. It seriously seems like yesterday, now he is growing into a fine young fellow…and my mate.

I pondered long and hard about what to buy him. He is developing his own personality and interests. He is not going to be a sportstar….although I am hoping he will enjoy exercise and being outdoors…and he does, he loves the beach. I suspect if we lived closer, and he had more of an oppportunity, he would be a surfer…like his dad ‘pretended’ to be when he was young. I use to have a thruster on the back of my bike, and was regularly found down at Triggs and other beaches, near North Beach…often. Even.. and especially on Fridays…when I should have been at high school.

I settled on a digital camera. I know he is young…but they are cheap. 8 megapixels, 3 times optical zoom, face recognition and stability….all for under $100. If he breaks it…it is not a tradgedy. So far…..he has taken around 100 pictures. He loves nature, little creatures…and computers. I reckon this interest may be something he pursues. A love of computing, photography and design….something good.

2 thoughts on “My sons birthday”

  1. My son is now 25, married, settled into a career, thriving in life – he's humourous, passionate, sensitive & one of my best friends.
    Fathering is such a joy.

    Keep enjoying this stellar journey Mark

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