Its hard to find a happy Eagles supporter at tme moment

Its all doom and gloom down at the Weagles at the moment.
After recieving a towel up from the Freo Lads, they scraped a win out of the Saints, and have now suffered embarassing defeats at the hands of last years wooden spooners, Carlton, and now last night suffering at the hand of the Hawks.
Add to that the off field dramas, and there is a definete sense of pessimism from their supporters.
If this keeps up, the Chardonny set may have to find some other diversion this season!

In contrast all is good down Freo way.
After towelling up the aformentioned Weagles, thrashing the Colliwobbles, a momentray 4th quarter hick up against the Cats, and then a convincing pounding of the other Port Boys, things are on the way up.
I know, I know, Freo fans are an optimistic bunch, and say that every season. But this season actually does feel different. The playing group seems to have hardened up, got a bit meaner.
Maybe Harvey and Shure have brought that to the club?

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