Theological Training

““The world for which we were trained no longer exists.”
Pete Briscoe

Aint that the truth. The theological training I recieved had some merit. There were things there that I really appreciated. It gave me sound good theological basis for ministry.

But to say to prepared me for ministry would be grossly overstating it.
Conflict resolution, leadership, missional development of leaders, organisation skills, leading a board, leading a meeting, inspiring, vision casting….


Those were things I desperatly sought once I was in the ministry, and quickly realised how inadequetly prepared I was.

2 thoughts on “Theological Training”

  1. This is an area that I ‘think’ I will be very appreciative of my studies. I think ‘because’ of the things listed, ACOM (where I studied) really started to take that seriously.

    Though there is no substitute for experience, I definately felt EVERYTHING you listed there was actually covered very specifically and was also interwoven throughout my degree.

    I think colleges are getting much better at covering those very idea’s these days, which is good!

  2. Add to that list follow up of new converts, prayer ministry and a bunch of other stuff.

    Problem is, whatever we learn will go out of date, so I too am thankful for the depth of what I received, it just wasn’t ministry training.

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