Life on Mars

The kids asked me an interesting question today…or rather they made a statement.
“If there are aliens, God made them”
That…along with Google launching Google Mars (Link) has me pondering the question, how would the discovery of aliens affect my faith?
I remember back to the 80’s when church people were talking about this and one famous evangelist said, “well if there are aliens, they will need to hear the gospel, so we had better make sure there is a Christian on the spacecraft”.

Aliens could take any form…why would they need to be the same size (roughly) as us? There could be millions of them on the tip of a pin…trying desperatly to communicate with us right now (Think ‘Horton hears a who’)

But back to the question, what if we do discover some form of life on Mars…even if it is just a group of cells? Does that affect my faith? Probably not, no more so that the incredible discoveries we are still finding in the depths of the oceans.

God is inherently creative, diverse in His work…amazing Creator. The depth and beauty of the universe tells us that.

3 thoughts on “Life on Mars”

  1. Life on mars?

    Well then!!! – where do Mars Bars come from???

    Can life be defined as a single-celled microorganisms?

  2. As a friend said to me, if there is life out there, it would be just like God to work out his plan of salvation in a backwater part of a backwater planet on the edge of a nothing special galaxy…

    My take is, even if there is life out there, we’ll never know. The distances are just too big and this ain’t Star Trek.

  3. Humanity has looked to the stars for a Saviour (someone to come fix this mess up) for millenia. The point many are missing is that the Earth is already a “visited” planet …

    “The one who comes from above is above all; the one who is from the earth belongs to the earth, and speaks as one from the earth. The one who comes from heaven is above all (John 3:31).

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