Sheahan is amongst the top 50

Worst footy journalists that is….
Sheahan has come out with his top 50 best players, and Pav is the only Freo player to crack a mention.

The All Australian Ruckman, Sandilands…does not crack a mention, neither does the Rising Star, Palmer……..instead we find Rioli…now Rioli is a great player, but Palmer certainly deserves a gurnsey before him.
Cox is there, despite leading his team to a 15 finish, and being injured for much of the year.


5 thoughts on “Sheahan is amongst the top 50”

  1. Your real problem Mark, is not that Mike Sheahan is a poor football journalist, but that he’s a Melbourne football journalist, writing for a Melbourne audience. And when you only see the Shockers when they come to Melbourne, it’s a miracle that Pavlich even gets as high a mention as he does.

    And Cox is a better all round player than Sandilands, hands down. Nobody without purple in their veins genuinely believes otherwise.

    (However the inclusion of Brad “run-into-an-open-goal-and-miss-horribly” Ottens is a joke. Nothing to do with him being an ex Tiger either)

  2. maybe thats because purple people see a lot of Sandilands….
    He monstered the eagles during the last quarter of the derby practice game…and he certainly had Coxs measure at the last real derby.

    But you are right about Sheehans Vic leanings…something he needs to overcome.

  3. Over at my blog ( I mentioned a few that should have not been included.

    My initial response was: “Brown in the top 10? Joel Selwood at 27 is interesting. Deledio at 41 is a joke along with Goodwin at 40. Birchall at 49? Who is he?? and lastly Dale Morris at 23?”

    Sandilands biggest problem is he is a one trick pony and can only tap the ball. The problem is that last year he dominated the ruckwork country wide but Freo’s midfield sucked and they were one of worse in clearances even with having the best tap ruckman.

    Think that Palmer should’ve been there as he is a gun.

  4. Don’t hold your breath on Sheahan becoming less Vic-centric. The man gets paid to sell newspapers in Melbourne. Pretty simple.

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