Everything can be redeemed

Well, almost everything.
Everything someone wants to use for bad…God can use for good!
I reckon Christians get too hooked up into saying how commercial everything is…and so they neglect the opportunities.
Christmas….get depressed in your holy huddle about how evil it has become, and how it is on the wrong day etc… (yawn!)….or see it as the best opportunity we have to talk about God on earth.

Easter..get depressed about bunnies and chocolate, or see it as an opportunity to talk about sacrifice, love and what it means to be forgiven, and experience grace.

St Patricks day….get depressed about how everyone gets drunk and weare green paint, or talk about the real guy behind it, a prophet, miracle worker and evangelist…and enjoy a quite Irish Ale while you are at it! St Patrick

It all depends on your perspective, I choose to be relentlessly positive and hopeful, after all….God can redeem anything!

5 thoughts on “Everything can be redeemed”

  1. Amen Mark I am with you on this one. I would rather use the seasons for God than complain too. When I worked in the government I saw Easter and Christmas as a great time when the people I worked with were really open to the things of God. I had more questions about my faith in the lead up to these than at the rest of the year combined.

  2. I VERY much agree with this sentiment. God can (and I believe wants to) redeem everything. However, for whatever reason he chooses to use his people to do this. So can things be redeemed if all God’s people do is focus on the negatives? I don’t think so!

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