Nothing is easy…

Today an old friend sent me these questions for a assignment he is going…I found it an interesting exercise..

One of the assignments asks me to interview a few pastors… I was wondering if you would be able to answer a few questions for me? If you are able, could you email the answers back ASAP. Thanks heaps, if you’re able to help.

1. What is your position in the church?
2. What denomination is your church? (also state/country)
3. How long have you been in pastoral ministry?
4. How long have you been in your current church?
5. What are the key character qualities needed as a pastor?
6. What are the key skills needed as a pastor?
7. What are the key tasks of a pastor?
8. Roughly, how much time do you spend on these key tasks?
9. What gives you the most satisaction in your ministry?
10. What gives you the most frustration in your ministry?

My answers….
1. Senior Pastor
2. Baptist WA
3. 15 years
4. 15 years
5. perserverance, confidence, good sense of humour
6. leadership, ability to change
7. Leadership, insipiring, visionary
8. 25 hours per week
9. seeing people become Christians
10. whinging Pharasiaical, selfish Christians who should know better 🙂

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