Can’t see it….

It can be really frustrating when you can see with clarity what is the truth…it is so clear, but to help someone else see it can be really frustrating.

Knowing Jesus as my Lord and God….it is such a blessing. It means I am accountable, it means I cant just live how I want…but the rewards are such a blessing.
Sometimes it means persecution, being misunderstood, not being liked, being uncomfortable…but there are moments of utter joy as we rest in Him.
There is not a tension at those moments, there is not a sense of frustration.

Lately I have been reading my pda bible before I even get out of bed. It is really great. I dont have to disturb anyone, and it allows the Spirit to speak and help me, and set my heart right…before my day even starts.

I hope that everyone discovers what knowing Jesus as their Lord and God means…it brings real purpose, fulfilment and joy.
Sorry is this post sounds like a evangelical rave…it is not meant to be..its just how I am feeling at the moment.

One thought on “Can’t see it….”

  1. And it’s your blog so you’re entitled to an evangelical rave every now and then. BTW it didn’t sound like one anyway 🙂

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