Homeless in America

This is pretty sobering stuff….from Chuck Warnock….

“I have visited countries in Asia where whole families live in barns, or chicken coops, or cardboard boxes. I have traveled in Mexico, and visited border towns, and tourist havens. I rode through Mexico City where 26-million people eke out a living amid both splendor and poverty. We expect to see grinding poverty, hunger, and homelessness in the two-thirds world. But, in America? In the most properous country in the world? This is the new America for some.”

“This is the sin of a society where executives of a failed global enterprise take home millions in “bonus” earnings, passing the victims of corporate greed and criminality in their BMWs and Mercedes-Benzs. This cannot, must not, should not continue to be the only America.”


4 thoughts on “Homeless in America”

  1. Thanks for the quote Mark – the sentiment couldn’t be more relevant or necessary.

    (Pretty sure the guy’s name is “Chuck” Warnock, rather than “Church”) 🙂

  2. I dont know Mark….I do know that I have two friends who have lost their good jobs…and are struggling to find work

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