Denying responsibility and misplaced priorities.

Three seperate items in todays West had a common theme or link.
First up we have James Bissaker who thought it would be a good idea to hold up a sign alerting speeding motorists of the presence of a radar in a school zone. Now the West has bleated about the fact police should be off catching robbers etc, and not worrying about a bloke warning people about the radar. Well I am a dad, and as far as I am concerned the police can set up radar stations in front of every school. James is encouraging people to duck their responsibilties, and the tone of the West seems to be to agree with his actions.

Then on page 9, not the two cover spread we have had previously, we have the story of Ben Cousins ‘moment of madness’ and the $900 fine he copped. It was a small fine because “Cousins had already paid a huge price for his indiscretions”.
Cousins stated that he ran to answer the call of nature, and in a moment of madness kept running. Does anyone really believe that? Does Ben expect us to believe that?
I am being serious here for a moment, Ben has given a half baked apology to the media, not saying sorry at all, and now given a weak excuse. I am glad he is not the captain of the Dockers, because I would be ashamed of his actions if he was.

Thirdly, and most seriously and sadly, we have the story of William Mitchell Walsh-Mc Donald on page 13. This man had by his own admission 11 full strength beers, but thought he was okay to drive. Of course he was not and struck and killed a young girl.
Imagine if this was your daughter and you heard the words this young man said. “I thought I was ok” No remorse, no taking responsibility, just trying to get away with an abhorent act.

So my rant is four fold.
Firstly against the three blokes mentioned, most seriously William, and to a lesser extent the other two.
But fourthly against the West.
It lead with the least important of the three, and finished with the most important story towards the back.

3 thoughts on “Denying responsibility and misplaced priorities.”

  1. hey agree with your comments.

    i dont agree when the public saying it they are simply revenue raising -multinova cameras. if ya don’t speed, ya don’t pay a fine and that way the state govt don’t make money.

    what most are forgetting is the booze bus is to catch over-limit drunken drivers, so speed camera catch speeding motorists. simple really.

    don’t shift the responsibility, accept it, learn and move on.

    the ‘real’ season starts thursday…
    rock on dockers

  2. Mud was good,
    first one for the year.
    I am wondering if we actually need to make it more intentional, that is have a breakfast and a speaker. I am wondering if maybe men might like to grow as men, rather than only hang around and play pool, maybe it should be a process.

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