Good Friday Message Rebel Jesus

“We have just read how the priests and religious leaders of the day..the Pharisees, came with a contingent of Roman soldiers and temple guards to accompany Judas to find Jesus.
Why was it that Judas felt the need to be accompanied by a contingent of soliers….? A contingent was about 800 soliders…but it was problaby a section of these…about 12 soliders…plus the guards from the temple…why so many people to take into custody one carpenter from Nazereth.
Judas was fact I think they we all scared…Jesus was there…where He had been often with His disciples..including Judas…They had spent a lot of time relaxing under the shade of the olive trees…enjoying each others company as blokes, eating, drinking laughing….Now Judas comes to betray His mate for 30 pieces of silver…which was a lot of money in those days…and He is scared.
But Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him…and so He is the first to ask the obvious question…who are you looking for…He knows the answer to this question, He knew they were looking for Him….yet still He wants them to know who they are looking for…Jesus the Nazarene they ask……”

if you want to know the rest….I will see you in Church…9am at the Inglewood Civic Centre….or back at this blog on Tuesday….

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