Channel Nine you bunch of hypocrites!

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If you have not caught the news, some North Melbourne players have made a strange, sexist video involving a rubber chicken with a condom on its head.

I dont watch the Footy Show anymore….and I certainly did not watch it last night when the ‘Gruen Transfer’ is on…..but..I did catch the interview with the North Melbourne Captain and player…Pratt….

They had them on them to ‘explain themselves’ say sorry…etc.

What a crock…Channel Nine had them on their to boost their ratings. They ‘told them off’ and then PROCEEDED TO SHOW THE VIDEO!!! To the crowds laughter. There is also a full copy of the video online at Channel Nines newsite…despite it being removed by YouTube.

What a joke.

They cannot be serious… can you decry it (which is fair enough…it is juveline sexist rubbish)…but then proceed to boost your ratings on the back of it?


5 thoughts on “Channel Nine you bunch of hypocrites!”

  1. I absolutely agree Mark.

    The news stations are all talking about how ‘bad’ it is, how it should never have been made and how those who made it need to be punished…and yet your right, they are all showing it AND making it available online.

    If it is so intolerably bad…is not the best response to stay away from promoting it…by making it readily available?

    But of course, ‘public interest’ takes precedense (aka ‘we need the ratings’)


  2. Does that make it right? They certainly talked about it, and they do on their website…which I am not linking here.

  3. They don’t show the sexual bits on TV but they do encourage people to watch it online (or on their site).

    If it is bad…why would you recommend people watch it?

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