What a day…

Melinda and I looked at each other and sighed a big tired sigh today.
We are both emotionally and physically stuffed after an incredible Easter Weekend.
At Inglewood Church we had two huge crowds in….Sunday was even more packed than Friday…but Friday was a big service.

What was sooooo good was that we had friends, Jam Central parents, contacts, relatives…people we care about deeply…at church…remembering Jesus…many of whom have not found themselves in church for many years…if ever.

I chose to really step up to the plate for the services, and just put the message out there.
Friday I was particularly passionate about Jesus not being some namby pamby wimp….but a tough warrior, who went to fight….and took far more than any Hollywood action hero ever did…on His quest to save the world.

Sunday I focused on why we have nothing to fear an Atheist publicity campaign…because we have the truth…but what we do need to focus on is where we will spend eternity.
A very talented singer at our church, and the very talented Eliot just absolutely brought the message home with the U2 Song…’where the streets have no name”. I shared with the crowd this songs deeper application, and asked them to ask the obvious question, where are they going to spend eternity. I dont apologise for a confrontantional message on such a day…you know…some of these people may not hear the gospel…or see it in someones life for years…if ever. I want them to know the truth. Dont get me wrong, there is a real balance between not being some ‘fire and brimstone’ fundamentalist loony….or being some limp wristed liberal….

If I offend anyone…I want it to be for good reason…because in their heart they know they need to respond to God…as indeed, we all do.

Blessings to all who read this blog..I have you had an awesome, enjoyable and great Easter Time…and enjoyed spending time with those you love.

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