The most influential Church in the world…

Has to be Hillsong Church

There are many great preachers in the world, with great books, dvd’s and influence, with some best sellers amongst them. Rick Warren probably the most influential.

There have been many evangelists, who have seen thousands, maybe millions come to know Jesus through their ministry, probably chief amongst them Billy Graham.

But Hillsong songs will be sung all over the world this week, their ministry has brought churches together in conferences all over the world.
The artist versus the preacher…..
Great art stands the test of time, be it music, sculpture, paint…..
The art needs to be motivated, undergirded, inspired by something….

With great privilege comes great responsibility…and I think “Shout to the Lord” is a classic explanation and exploration of the love of God for us…and our response to that love. I dare say it takes its place alongside, “How great Thou Art” and other classics.

4 thoughts on “The most influential Church in the world…”

  1. I agree with you in terms of worship music in Western style churches.
    But you couldn’t put them above Saddleback or Willow Creek when it comes to influence.

  2. I would.

    I reckon you could find a lot of churches who had no idea what “the purpose driven life” is…or a ‘seeker service”…but some little old church in Japan is singing “Shout to the Lord”

  3. That’s a comment about the popularity of its worship songs that are available through retail distribution, rather than the influence of a church.

  4. no….because Hillsong church is formulating theology…influencing churches through its message in song. And the only reason they are selling them is because there is a massive demand…not because of their sophisticated retail distribution.

    people learn as much through song as they do….actually maybe more…than through hybels latest book…or even my latest sermon.

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