Derby here we come

Considering neither side is likely to play finals this year, this weeks game might be the closest we get to a finals like atmosphere.

I have felt reasonably confident going into most derbies of the past few years, with justification. The Eagles supporters have mostly gone home at 3/4 time…in order to ‘miss the traffic’. But we all know its cause they still can’t accept a loss.

This Derby does feel a little different. 8 of our most seasoned campaigners…gone. Mc Manus, both Carrs and Bellie….Derby specialists….not there.
Replaced instead by 4 first year players, and maybe this week, another one.

With no one to make Kerr and Woosha complain to the umpires department for the fourth week in a row, the Eagles might actually prove too strong.

Then again, after Pav’s scintilating perfomance last week…and the fact its his
200th… anything is possible.

10 thoughts on “Derby here we come”

  1. The derby should be a bit closer this time around. The last 5 or 6 I haven’t even given the Eagles a chance. But as you say a few of the experienced Freo players are not there. It should be interesting.

  2. I wish I was confident of an Eagles win…but, and it hurts me to say this…we just can’t seem to beat Freo!

    We shall see, but I am not overly confident!

  3. I love the standard Eagle supporter position of this week – “You should win, it’s the only game of the year the Dockers get themselves up for…..”
    hhmmm….it’s great they don’t care.

    Also, good signs starting to emerge Mark that young Hill will be a good one!



  4. Its pretty typical of the weagles supporter…but I am amazed at the eagles supporters in general who are pretty pessimistic about this game, despite the fact Freo have only won one game this year, have lost Palmer…and the Tab has the Weagles as warm favourites!

  5. It’s a shame when a Christian is persecuted by other Christians for being honest…;)

    I’ll be cheering on my beloved Eagles but, like when we play Essendon, I’m concerned our recent ‘bogey’ team may well play well enough to win!

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