How sweet it tis…

To beat the Eagles
What a meritorious win…and I have to admit…a great game
I had resigned myself to an Eagles victory at half time. They had most of the play, and were intense around the packs…and tackling with ferocity.

They ran out of puff….and Hasleby and Hill stepped up to the plate.

What a game….my heart was racing…it hurts so much to lose to the Eagles…but it is so good to beat them.

Thank goodness really…I dont think I could go to the Pastors conference next week if they had lost!

2 thoughts on “How sweet it tis…”

  1. it was certainly a fantastic game. watching the e-girls supporters stream out of the ground before the final siren is always a pleasure. a lot of the freo players that weren’t playing were sitting in the grandstand around me (incl. mayne, bradley, head, ballantyne, clarke). i did feel a bit sorry for them as they were all wearing suits and we were in the direct sun.

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