Freo…way to go…3 in a row

About four weeks ago I was ready to pack in the season. I am not saying we are going to make the finals or anything like that….but it sure is nice to be on 12 points…along with a stack of other sides.

We are every chance to beat Hawthorn this week…and I am still not quite sure why.
Palmer, Crowley gone for a long time….5 new players…rebuilding year, first year players playing.

It does not make sense to me how we got over Carlton, West Coast and Sydney with such a young bunch.

A bit of positive risk taking footy goes a long way. The goal is to move the ball in the direction of…and eventually go through the posts. The Freo boys are not playing stop start footy at the moment, they are moving it on quickly, kicking to contests, and backing their teamates to win it, quite amazing really.

And Sandilands is the best ruckman in the contest at the moment, bar none.

7 thoughts on “Freo…way to go…3 in a row”

  1. Freo have looked good in the last few weeks. It has even got a West Coast supporter in me excited! Nothing like playing positive attacking football, rather than the negative stuff some teams play.

  2. Freo going well, I have done a stupid thing and tipped them this week:P

    Quietly hoping WCE can pull of a pretty big upset too…

  3. well after Cox’s effort against Melbourne….you would have to think the big fella would need to improve going up agains Jolly….

    West Coast v Sydney over there?
    Did you tip them Middo? 🙂

  4. I sometimes wish I had blind faith…but I don’t:P No, I did not tip them, but I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong!

    I don’t believe in blind faith in ANY sphere of my life;)

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