What a great day we had today at church

Thanks God!
Great crowd in full of joy and energy today.
A few laughs, some inspiration, and some great music from the biggest worship team we have probably ever had….so blessed in this area at the moment!

Also had a guest musician/singer join us for some items… Martin Jones. You probably dont know him, he aint famous…but the man can sing. He has good reason to sing the blues, been through a lot, but is now at a happy stage in his life. He shared a little this morning, and God inhabited the praises.

I shared what I thought was a challenging message, it challenged me! lots of comments afterwards…

Sometimes you just need to be thankful and reflect that it is gooood to be with Gods people. If you normally come to Inglewood Church and you missed today, you missed out. Today provided energy and joy for the week. Maybe thats why God created the Sabbath!

One thought on “What a great day we had today at church”

  1. It’s great to get up Sunday moning and know i has already been a good day for a friend in another part of the world!

    Our turn now!!!

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