A 12 seat chapel

At the moment as a church we are working out how best to do our seating.
There is a large influx of people at 10.01 am…which makes life difficult when you are trying to get the seating right.

We generally don’t put out all the seats until closer to 10am …so as to encourage people to sit in the seats nearer the front….my breath does not smell…honestly!

But because a significant portion of our church is children (about 45%), when they leave for their kids programs half way through the service, the place can feel a little ‘drafty’!

Maybe this is the answer….a 12 seat chapel a husband built for his wife, because their church is too ‘crowded’.
“Mr Richards, a retired watch importer, said: “I built it for Muriel because she’s really passionate about her religion but the local church is often too busy. “


2 thoughts on “A 12 seat chapel”

  1. Yeah, that’s a tough one. Certainly a predicament that goes through my head whenever visiting churches like yours where the tumbleweeds blow through the empty seats the young ones have left behind.
    Whenever I’m preaching at one of those churches, I always feel like asking everyone to sit together close to the front not leaving one empty seat between them. But, because it’s not my local church, I chicken out.
    As with any change, there would be discomfort at first. But, there would have to be deliberate instruction along with why shifting seats would be seen as important (fellowship, unity, medium is the message, etc…)

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