Lessons from the demise of the Basketball

For those of you who dont know, which is probably a lot of us, the National Basketball Competition in Australia is in serious danger of folding.
In my view, the decline really started when television stopped broadcasting the games. Now you would think that this would stop people from going, because they could just stay at home and watch it. But no, seeing part of the game, made people want to experience the whole.

What lessons or applications are there for a church that is not big enough to have its services broadcast on free to air television?

I think in this age of easily uploadable video, there are some applications.

One thought on “Lessons from the demise of the Basketball”

  1. I agree about the basketball coverage. As soon as it went off prime time it lost the interest. Now most people would be lucky to know the players on their local team.

    I think an online church TV presence is a great idea. I heard it said that by the 2012 Olympics most people will watch the events they want via their computer fed to their TV screen. This means dozens of channels. Some people are already doing this.

    I believe this has positive implications for churches. It is cheap to record and place church services on the web, and then people will stream it to their TVs from there. I think church TV will be like YouTube channels ie. Inglewood Church TV. People would login and watch church when they want to. All for free!

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