Your internet trail…

We have all heard the rumours, people not getting jobs, or losing them, because of a potential boss, or present boss, ‘googling’ them.

You are probably on the net, even if you dont think you are, even if you are just in the ‘white pages’.

Be careful what you post!
Probably more than 70% of the people visiting our church tell me they come because of our church internet site, or at the least, visit the site before they visit the church.

I imagine the internet savvy of them google “Pastor Mark Edwards’ afterwards! No doubt they will find this blog….

If you find yourself posting comments on other people’s blogs, or you are on facebook..or whevever…and people want to find out who you are, they will! As I found out yesterday, you can nearly always find out who someone is if you want to.

3 thoughts on “Your internet trail…”

  1. Now this is the most amazing trail of words ever written…

    "My first commitment is to my relationship with Jesus Christ. I am so far away from the man I was when I first felt the call to start *****. I’ve become all about me and my ego. I have to focus on getting my walk with God where it should be before I can do anything else. Beyond that, everything else is in God’s hands. I have tried to control every aspect of my life for 12 years and for the first time I realize the only thing I can control is how I respond and handle myself. I plan on seeking the face of God with everything that is in me."

    Praying for the warning this is for us all…

  2. A NSW Pastor emailed this last night, just before this "Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written" was posted..

    Anatomy of Adultery
    15 Steps of Unfaithfulness



    Whew! Can we learn from these testimonies?

    What are the common links you discover from these recollections?

    What words keep popping up repeatedly?

    What lies were these people believing?

    What generalizations would you make from their testimonies?

    If you summarized the advice these people would probably give, what would you say?

      From: Money, Sex, and Spiritual Power by Keith Drury
    (c) 1992 Wesley Press

    [written before computers were mainstream!]

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