Who cares if you miss out on Nathan Buckley?

By all reports a few clubs are chasing Buckley for the senior coach next year.
I am staggered by this.
No doubt he was a good player.
All reports are that he was not a great captain. He found it hard to understand why everyone was not like him. He was not a great communicator.
He has not coached anyone…really.
He has not been an assistant anywhere.
He is not great in the media, and I think will be prickly if pressed.

and….he always wore his shorts too high for my liking…anyone who wears their shorts too high is always the sort of kid that no one liked in the playground….

One thought on “Who cares if you miss out on Nathan Buckley?”

  1. Too true

    Just to make you jealous … I am off to Melbourne with my son & son in law next weekend to catch 4 games of footy incl calrton v essendon & dockers v collingwood at the G

    should be fun!

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