What would I do with 50 Million Dollars

What would I do if I won 50 Million Dollars?
The first question I suppose is how did I win it, considering I don’t buy Lotto tickets, but I would be lying if I did not admit I was tempted…but when I found out they cost $13-$20 for a basic game….that sort of convinced me it was not a good idea… 🙂

In no particular order…
1. Obtain houses for a couple of people who need them, and pay off their debts
2. Pay off our own mortgage
3. Buy a decent block of land for our church to build on
4. Build the purpose built theatre we have a vision for.
5. Give 10% to Compassion
6. Buy the most expensive coffee machine you can get, and a house with a room in it just for coffee making
7. Buy a Mazda Rx3, have someone else modify it for me.
8. Buy the fastest Porsche Ceyenne money can buy
9. Buy a holiday house in regional Albany
10. Buy my son a Wii, my wife a overlocker and my daughter a new bike… 🙂
11. Buy a Pizza Oven

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