Some random footy thoughts…

Collingwood article
If you have not yet read this article, its a beauty.

The Eagles had almost double the amount of handballs to kicks today in their loss to Melbourne. They don’t have the skilled players they had in 2006 to perform that style of play. Natanui had no kicks today, and only three last week (admittedly 3 pretty good and important ones) Its a dumb style of play, and I reckon indicative of a pretty uncreative coach. As an aside, how on earth…or why on earth the Eagles play Chad Fletcher is beyond me. I thought they were meant to be playing young players? Not guys who wont be playing next year, and cant hit the side of a barn with either handball or kick!

Peter Bell and Farmer
Watching Bell and Farmer play for Souths, they could both still be playing for Freo…but maybe its better they are gone, to give space to our young exciting players.

Dean Solomon
A great muscle player, pity he cant get home on time, but it does seem a bit childish that a 29 year old cant be out till late on his day off with his old mate. Rumour is that he was also out with Brett Peake last week, but no one was admitting to it.

St Kilda
I hope they win it this year, the probably have the most sentimental reason to win, but if they do and Geelong lose, Geelong will have underperformed, and with a lot of older players, will need to get some more youngsters in to stay competitive in years to come.

Michael Voss is proving to be as good a coach as he was a player, Lions could be the suprise premiership contender.

One thought on “Some random footy thoughts…”

  1. Yeh I think the Eagles are trying out for a new sport – HANDball….

    I think Fletcher was needed because we were missing both Cox & Kerr and it made the midfield look very soft.

    Think the Lions are still missing a few players who can become consistent players before they can be a premiership threat.

    and Freo are a better side without Bell & Farmer, they may have played well for you guys but their attitude and selfishness was an anchor for your team.

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