Woo Hoo!!!

We have moved into our new house!
After having bought it just before Christmas, it seems strange now to have finally moved in.

The owners have moved out,
the floors have been polished, and finally the bathroom is complete.
A HUGE HUGE thank you to Jennifer, Quentin, Jeff, Jason, Rowan, Holly, Nat, Scott and Sandra (the doughnuts were great!) for all the wonderful help moving in.

The computer and study is set up, most important room in the house for me, and the kids room looks fantastic.

I am walking to church tommorow!! Walking!!!!!

Praise God for His excellent kindness and provision to us. THANKS GOD!!

2 thoughts on “Woo Hoo!!!”

  1. Thanks for the fridge and washing machine. It’s such a blessing and is going to save us heaps of money.

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