Nice Church

Are our churches ‘too nice’?
How do we stop them being ‘nice’ and safe and comfortable places.

Our church is far from being comfortable…but someone who is a perseptive and discerning leader, shared with me today that our church is ‘too nice’…woh.
That stopped me in my tracks.

I have not been sharing enough of the vision if that is what people are thinking.
How is the church you are attending…challenging your ‘niceness’? Because it should be! Churches should not be safe places, they should be challenging the status quo.

3 thoughts on “Nice Church”

  1. Think your onto someone Mark!!

    They need to be a safe place for people and nice to an extent but when our "nice-ness" covers the truth and our calling to preach to the lost, to see people set free etc, its a problem.

  2. Mark, I congratulate you for having the courgage to say it. This can be a common problem.

    "Niceness" can also be translated as "politeness". The danger is that no one will speak the truth, & there is often little transparency.

    I am really glad you are attempting to unpack this.

    While there are limitations to what you can achieve "at church", at times "niceness" can in itself be just as much of a problem as churches that have a tendency to be cold, unfriendly & distant.

    At least with a cold church you know where you stand.

    This is a challenge for all of us. Do we really have a genuine interest & empathy for others?

    As "Niceness" does not necessarily equate to empathy.

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