Baptist Union New Logo Released

Here it is.
Some think it looks like doughnuts, others have wondered about the colours.
Those who have no idea about branding are wondering why we need a new one.

I am very happy with this new logo for the Baptist Union.
I feel it conveys a dynamic, contemporary organisation, working in unison.
We will start using it as a church.
Well done all concerned.

Here is the offical release

The new ABM logo. Get used to it.

For immediate release

10 July 2009

Australian Baptists today launched a new national name and logo, signaling a renewed commitment to evangelism, mission and ministry around the nation and around the world.

The three-circles logo replaces the traditional green and gold image, and the movement will be known as Australian Baptist Ministries. The Baptist Union of Australia will remain the legal name.

In announcing the new logo, BUA President Revd Dr John Beasy said the three circles concept pointed to a number of significant aspects of our life as Baptists.

“The circle of God’s love is our motive for service. The circle of relationships is the heart of our ministry. The circle of the world is the context for our work,” he said.

“The Triune God is our source and guide and goal. We confess one Lord, one faith, one baptism. We are driven by the call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We are inspired by faith, hope and love. We are devoted to Jesus in body, mind and spirit.

“We are a movement embracing change with imagination, releasing potential through teamwork, shaped by faithfulness to Scripture, drawn together as a distinctive community following Jesus. We celebrate our unity in diversity, and the qualities that shape us – past, present and future.

“The natural colours indicate our place as stewards of an ancient continent, whose ministries take root as we sow the gospel seed in the good Australian soil.

“This year marks the 400th anniversary of the beginnings of the Baptist movement,” Dr Beasy said. “Baptists have ministered in Australia for more than 178 years. We are known as Bible-believing followers of Jesus.

“As we honour our heritage and contend for the faith that the Lord once for all entrusted to us, we need to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie before us. Our heart is to be an active learning community, repositioning our Baptist movement for the future, developing and empowering younger leaders, and resourcing the next generation to follow Jesus.

“Join us as we begin the next stage of our journey together with God,” Dr Beasy said.

5 thoughts on “Baptist Union New Logo Released”

  1. Every organisation has branding, it's just a matter of whether we acknowledge it & what we do with it.

    The new look is great, you certainly don't need a cross to brand yourself as a Christian organisation or a Christian for that matter.

    I love the new font, very sharp.

    The rings remind me of BHP Billiton's unusual logo – different & designed I think to make you think – I certainly don't think donuts!

    Of course all the assorted tastes in a large movement are not going to be accepting & once the buzz dies down people will embrace it as their look.

  2. People have vivid imaginations! No way could be a coffee ring as it lacks the splash dots!

    I love the rings cos they are so not the previous Baptist logo, they are stylistic thus provocative in nature, they hint rather than yell. Personally I think nuances work better today

    Another thing – I can't believe the level of remarks on some of the blogs – people need to get some air blowing thru their brains & produce something more articulate!

  3. Thanks John.
    People love to complain and critique dont they! 🙂
    Not to worry though….they dont build monuments to critics!

  4. Too blah for me.
    Contempoary yes. Meaningful no.
    But I'm not going to fuss. At the end of the day, logo or no logo, what matters is how we live out our Christian commitment. Loving Christians are the best logo for the Baptist Union.

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