Lisa Baker

Had a meeting today with Lisa Baker, the member for Maylands.
What a refreshing person! Passionate about local issues, down to earth, easy to talk with and deal with…and focused on promoting community.

I love this area I live in…God has called me to it…and it is just amazing to have opportunities as the Church does now have.

We really want to serve our community, and be a major part of its transformation.

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  1. Mark, she is certainly "out & about". You will have to drop off a copy of Romans Chapter One to Lisa when you get the chance…

    Your Guide to the 2008 State Election Written by Megan Smith
    Friday, 29 August 2008
    Gay & Lesbian News – Perth

    Candidate for Maylands

    GLBT Platform

    History of GLBT Reform – ‘I’ve watched with great pride on some of the more innovative policies that we’ve brought in and I’d like to think that Labor will continue to set the pace on these things in WA and to lead the agenda…because of your "sexual preference".’

    Relationship Register – ‘I would want to be part of a party that saw itself as being able to take the agenda forward in a progressive way and that would include looking at what are the highs and lows of having a registry. And rather than just saying “no, we shouldn’t have it” exploring all the ins and outs of that and come out with a position.’ [ie polly waffle for YES]

    Same-sex Families – ‘On a personal basis, I believe that SAME-SEX couples SHOULD have the right to adoption and the right to parent and be supported in those roles. Certainly my experience in life has shown me that if parents are good, it doesn’t matter what their gender is.’

  2. I certainly dont agree with everything she stands for and believes.

    But then, I certainly dont agree with everything the other party stands for either.

    My personal position as a pastor is that I do not reccomend who people should vote for, and there would be no one in my church that would know which way I vote, excepts perhaps my wife!

    But Lisa is proving to be a wonderful help in what our church is seeking to do in our community.

  3. You don't agree with the "Christian Democrats?". They are a Party too!

    Regardless of one's political affiliation [or geographic safe-seat opportunity], churches should be praying & working with their local Member to challenge their personal views that conflict with the Word of God.

    End of story.

  4. I did not say who I did and did not agree with.
    I did say that I avoid talking about my political bias. I dont think it has a place in the pulpi.

    I don't think it is a priority of churches to focus on challenging their elected members on their stance on the word of God. They are there to do a job, as a member of the public I will do that at appropriate times. I will also work with them to achieve Kingdom aims when I can, as indeed I can with Lisa.

    Do you realise how you come across with your various postings all over the net? I would humbly suggest that your posting name is at odds with your posting tone.

  5. Ditto. That is why I reluctantly kicked this off.

    There are many Godly Christians who pray for revival in Perth, & who have worked hard behind the scenes for decades to ensure God-honouring legislation is introduced or maintained.

    However they are dismayed beyond belief at certain church "leaders" who [either wilfully or through ignorance] promote & support various MPs [from both major parties] who undermine the values & standards clearly outlined within the Word of God.

    The Word of God says that there is a special accountability for church leaders in going along with this.

    Shall I not visit for these things? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? Jeremiah 5:26-31

    If bible believing Christians were encouraged to investigage the voting record of their local member [in either major party] & stopped voting for them, we would see some amazing changes occur in legislation.

    I will never forget a [now former] Upper House MLC lamenting to me a few years back, that his observation [as a non-Christian] was that the problem with the WA Parliament was that too many of the local Churches are "weak as ****" [in his words], because they would not stand up for conservative family values.

    A chilling observation from a non-Christian MP.

  6. Good on you Mark and all the best with what your Church community is doing in the wider community – which as far as I can tell is a lot of good stuff. In my experience people are never all good or all bad regardless of which party they come from.



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