Football free zone

So I drop my son off at School today, and hope to slip in the back quietly. No such luck. His Eagles supporting teacher makes sure she mentions the results from the weekend to him, and me, just in case we missed it.

Sigh, sigh sigh.

Its hard being a real supporter, and not a bandwagon hopping fairweather Weagles supporting one.
I have been to every game bar one or two for the last 7 or 8 years, I have survived the Drum years, leave me alone. I’ll get over it.

Roll on Carlton.

2 thoughts on “Football free zone”

  1. oh the pain. i understand and luckily for me i’m not due to go back to work until mid week which i’m hoping its all settled down by then.

    i dont get to go to all the home games only the ones i can if not working otherwise i haven’t missed a game on the box. been a quay foundation member and current member since the doc-dock-dockers came into the comp.

    wot keeps up going? do we really want to experience pain in this life along with joy – perhaps its the footy religion faithful that keep the club going. ffc will break the 35k membership barrier soon.

    mark, did u get to go to freo’s only final appearance? the atmosphere, the crowd… unbelievable… and then beaten by the bombers 🙁


  2. I was on a plane on my way to LA.
    Curses curses curses.

    Would have liked to have been there, even though we lost.
    I went to the training session the Tuesday night before, along with about 900 other fanatics.

    My wife went, and I lived vicariously through her experience!

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