Gritty loss to Fremantle Dockers

I reckon the Freo Dockers have the best young developing side, bar none.
A really solid effort against the musch heavier, stonger, more experienced Western Bulldogs side today.
Chris Maybe, on his game back, kicked three great goals.
Broughton, Hill, Suban, Pierce…all names to look forward to seeing them develop.

8 thoughts on “Gritty loss to Fremantle Dockers”

  1. Blah blah blah, everything's rosy. Sure we never win, and have to wear purple every week, but what a side…

    Come on Mark, that's window-dressing.

  2. Your right Geoff, I should be more like the Tigers supporters, spit at my coach, dump manure on the front porch…etc etc…..

  3. I enjoyed watching the game there is a difference between losing a game and being ordinary … the Dockers were not ordinary.

  4. Which Fremantle side you talking about? Two teams came out on the weekend!

    The team that turned out after 1/2 time, showed promise but we've been saying that since they came into teh competition…

  5. aaaah your up and about after a totally different side turned up this week in contrast to the one which lost to those Dockers last week? 🙂

  6. i reckon broughton is the unsung hero this year. he's gotten better and better each week and i thought he was outstanding on saturday.

  7. and you are up and about because you're team is your best buddy at the moment…. 🙂
    and why wouldn't it be!
    good teams find a way to win close games, with Geelong looking shaky, I would be booking my tickets Gareth.
    Its your year, a son and a premiership!

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