King Davids penultimate event

I spoke on 2 Samuel 6 yesterday, the story of King David bringing the Ark of the Covenant up to the City of David, Jerusalem.
It is a stirring story, but also a confronting one.

“Maybe this is why we read, David and the whole house of Israel celebrated before the Lord with all their might, with songs, harps, lyres, tambourines, sistrums and cymbals…
There was a lot of noise.
Can you imagine 30 thousand men singing and playing their hearts out, before the Lord.
The average footy crowd is 30 thousand people.
Here are the chosen men, chosen to sing and celebrate the moving of this ark to its rightful place. What a celebration, what a joy, what a magnificent spectacle.
Until….the Lord anger burns against someone, and they are struck down, and right there beside the ark….Uzzah…who put his hand out to steady the toppling ark…died. Stone dead.

You know there are pieces in the bible that quite frankly I wish were not there, because it would be a lot easier when we are speaking to people who are not church people, if certain pieces of stories where just not there.
This is one of those pieces for me.”

The rest of the message will be online at Inglewood Church to listen to by tommorow afternoon. I will post the link to the MP3 here.
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9 thoughts on “King Davids penultimate event”

  1. HOW did God tell the people of Israel to carry the ark?
    Did He tell them to put it on a cart?
    His instructions about the ark were as specific as those about the Tabernacle. It was to be CARRIED by the priests, not carted.
    Israel again disobeyed God and tried to do it their way.
    Just as the sons of Eli tried to do it their way and burnt their own incense before God rather than that which God told Israel to use- God was very specific with what frangrances to use and in what measure and it was not to be used for anything else, nor any thing else in its place.
    Do you remember what happened to them?

    I think it is a very important part of the story when you understand the context of the whole of scripture- you must do things GOD'S way, or you will come to grief.
    When God says do it according to the pattern, you can't use treated pine instead and hope to survive a forty day flood.

    Israel made the Tabernacle according to the pattern, and part of that was that the ark was carried on their shoulders, not put on a cart.
    If they had done it GOD'S way, no-one would have been hurt.

    So the question when things go wrong is, are we doing it GOD'S way?…..

  2. Why the emotive language? Lots of people post lots of things anonymously everyday, without any fear involved, I didn't need to, I just hadn't signed in yet.

    Does it matter who says it? it's a true point. When we follow the scriptural pattern, God is with us, when we depart from the pattern there are problems.
    The moment they put the ark on a cart, they were doing something in a way other than what God had told them to do. I don't wish that was not in the Bible, because church people or non-church people, it's the same message, do it God's way and you will be safe, and you will be blessed, do it another way, and it just won't work.

    Do you have any comment to make about what has been said?
    God never strikes people down for nothing, it's in the Bible because God was making a point, don't miss the point. All of scripture is important, however uncomfortable it might make us sometimes, explaining it to people who don't know God.

  3. I dont have a real problem with what you have said, but the fact that anyone posts something anonymously worries me, and you have posted again anonymously…despite having said "I didn't need to, I just hadn't signed in yet".
    Well that worries me too.

    If you cant put your name to something, you should not say it.

    I will not allow anymore anonymous posts from you on this blog.

    In regard to your comments, I encourage you to listen to my message where I deal with the issues I have raised.

  4. Mark, I think you're getting too paranoid.

    From Gareth Williams, Wynnum, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Earth.

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