Billie Weir Home at Last

There are some people who come into your life who leave an indelible mark.
Billie Weir was one of those people.
Of everyone I have ever met on this earth, she is the closest to a saint I have ever come.

I shared once, as her frail body was seated in church, that if we could have our eyes opened, and see from a heavenly perspective, we would see her as a Mighty Warrior, knees scarred from hours spent in the Lord’s presence, heart strong from the presence of the Spirit, mind keen from a will determined to see the Lord’s presence revealed.

She saw it all at Bedford Baptist Church, conflict, gossip, people ripping into each other at members meetings, Pastors being sacked….Billy rose above it all…and in the midst of human indency, saw God at work.

Many times I would sit next to her at her home, pouring out my heart to her…having her pray for and minister to me, with words and strength that boosted my confidence, and gave me fight to continue.
She believed that things would get better, and when they did, she rejoiced that she had lived to see it.

Billie was the type of person that actually made you aware of how far from God you were. Not because she would ever judge, but just because you were in the presence of someone great, someone who you could wish to be like a little more….but someone who always made you feel blessed and special to be with.

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  1. She was a lovely lady. Karyn thought very highly of her. Can you let us know the funeral details when they've been organised Mark?

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