Jesus First messagr for September

You will be able to listen to this message tommorow, here is the second paragraph, as I kick off this series for September.

“The picture we are using today is old…ragged…because we are talking about Jesus in the Old testament…and he is there…In fact it is really important to understand and know and believe that he is there because if Christ did not exist prior to His incarnation, before he came in the stable at Bethelehem, then He cannot be God. If He did not exist before the stable…then He is not God…if He did exist as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, then he is God. It is important because the truth about who Jesus is, is the most important truth. Do you know what makes a cult, what makes a heresy, what makes a lie of the Devil? What someone believes about Jesus. Also I want us to have a real appreciation of the unity of the Bible….and a love for those old testament stories where we see Jesus, before He was the baby. .
Christianity by its very name has always had Jesus Christ as its historical and logical center. What you think about Jesus is the most important aspect of your life when it comes to understanding what you think about God. The vast majority of churches who have believed in the Bible have come to understand and know that the bible is really clear, that Jesus was God, He has always been God, and He will always be God…by very definition, God can never stop being God, so even when Jesus was on earth, as a man, he was still God, he could not not be God.
Lets start at the beginning…”

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