Advertising needs to be honest, otherwise people get upset

I get lots of emails from different people….stuff I have subscribed for.
Here are two examples from the last couple of days which I think is dumb advertising.

1. A Christian Multi-Media company sends out a mass email, ‘Free Loops’. Cool I think, they sometimes do give away free stuff. A company like ‘Sermonspice’ give a free one away a month, and of course ‘Muddy River Media’ give away all their stuff for free.
Only problem is that this company (no names no pack drill) is not giving anything away. If you purchase a mpeg pack, for about $45 US (rip off for stuff I could make myself) then you get a loop. That is not free…..that is bad PR

2. 1-Day send out a mass email advertising Nintendo Wi cheap price. Only problem is, I logged on before it was even for sale…waited till it came up, and they were sold out, already. How could that happen? It looks to me like they one for sale, and some lucky joker got that one, and the rest of us missed out. Its just trying to get people to their website…but its dumb advertising because all they do is upset and dissapoint a whole heap of their customers.

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