They are a funny old day for a pastor.
Many people don’t realise the emotional and spiritual toll that Sunday can take on Pastors.
That is not a whinge, plenty of people have demanding jobs.

But Mondays for me, lately at least, have become a real ‘blah’ day.
Normally they are my wife and my date day….which is just superb. Two kids at school, most people at work, some precious time together. But Melinda’s schedhule with assignments and womens conference has meant that has not happened, so I am left with the day to myself.

I don’t really like that on Mondays, cause part of me wants to go to work, and another part tells me I should take the day off.
I either go to work, or I stay at home or whatever, and end up doing some work at home….

3 thoughts on “Mondays”

  1. I got taught in college to not take Mondays off for that reason. I take Friday's off so I have two days in a row. It works well for me at the moment.
    I also agree with John that a hobby that takes time is important.

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