Some really really bad news

I have been praying for and reflecting on some really really bad news.
Two incidents that occured yesterday.
One, a disturbing tradgedy in the life of an aquaitance, someone associated with our church.
There are no words to describe the awfulness of what has happened.
There are no platitudes, no cliches, no cards or flowers that will help in anyway.
As a Pastor, I cant even say why God allows such things to happen. I know He does not cause them, and I believe He is greatly grieved as well. Which makes it hard to understand why He allowed it to happen.
This from Psalm 69. 3 “my eyes are swollen with weeping, waiting for God to help me”.
This is not my experience over this event, but is surely the people involved.

Secondly some disturbing revelations about a closer family member, that I have been trying to help. The way people mistreat each other in this world is staggering. Some folk are egocentric and selfish and self absorbed. All they really care about is their own pleasure. This makes me mad. I am not perfect by any means, but what has been done to another simply because they only care about themself, is awful. And the ripple from their actions still causes unrest.

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