Message on BONO

I spoke on Bono from U2 on Sunday,
“As the names of those lost on Sept. 11 scrolled up a towering screen, the singer kept reciting a verse from Psalm 51, in which King David pleaded for God’s mercy.

“Oh Lord, open my lips,” he said, “that my mouth shall show forth thy praise.” Then the music rose in a crescendo, soaring into a song about heaven, a vision of a new heaven and earth, of a city “where there’s no sorrow and no shame, where the streets have no name.”

This didn’t happen in a safe Christian sanctuary, in a church worship service.
This happened at halftime of Super Bowl XXXVI, in front of 131 million or so viewers around the world.
As the people drunk their beer and ate their hotdogs and some very unfit people watched some very fit people play americal football.
U2 brought into that very secular environment a psalm of David….and a song about heaven…and a Christian reflection on world events….”

Here is the message audio

Pictures and videos are not included….obviously, but you will probably get the idea!

3 thoughts on “Message on BONO”

  1. loved it! I hear a lot more Bono bashing than I'd like within church circles. He is no saint (as you rightly pointed out) but he does get the message out there!

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