Relevance and whingers

There are so many that are critical of the church, in a whole raft of ways.
However the keenest and most consistent of these are generally those who would call themselves Christians.

You don’t really hear the Muslims, the Bhuddists complaining about what a Church is doing…..and for that matter you don’t really hear the Christians bleeting about what the Muslim is doing…and I am talking about a question of degrees here, there are always exceptions.

I wonder how Jesus dealt with those who were critical of His ministry? Who were they, what did they look like? What did he say to them, and how did He treat them?

A fault I have is that I take criticism to heart, I take it personally.
Instead of focusing on that which is affirming, I focus on that which is critical.

There are so many great things about Inglewood Church…and our affect on the community. It feels like we are on a wave of blessing, expectation and fruitfulness.
My prayer is that I don’t get in the way of what the Holy Spirit is doing at the moment, but facilitate it.

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