Back from holidays

I love my job….but….

My thoughts are still somewhat in Bremer Bay…
Where I fished, snorkelled, surfed with my son….drove the Vitara along the beach,
enjoyed the sun, sand and friends…

We sat around, talked, drank, ate snacks….

Watched the kids roast marshmallows…and generally relaxed.
Its pretty relaxed around Bremer way….

I also caught up for the first time with an old pastor friend of mine, who I have caught up with ‘online’ but not in real life for over 20 years….It was really good.

Then we choofed off to Fonti’s Pool for a few days of ‘Edwards family time’. Clem and I spent a lot of our time in the natural waters of Fontis…and I taught Ruby a little bit more about swimming.
We ate a lot of Manjimup Cherries, and tried to stay out of the heat as much as we could.
Holidays are great…and really needed….but you cant stay there forever.

I don’t know what it says about me, but towards the end, as much as I was enjoying the time, I felt a little purposeless. I don’t think I could be a beach bum…or live in Bremer all my life…

One thought on “Back from holidays”

  1. Welcome back Mark!

    Me thinks you have not been pastoring long enuff – beach bum soundz quite good to old bloke like me!

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