Getting ready for Mighty Mens Conference

Angus Buchan is coming to town.
Because our new youth pastor is speaking this week…and I was back from holidays, I was able to devote some time this week to getting stuff ready for the

T-shirts for all the volunteers, ushers, sound guys…you name it!
Also started working on how all the visual stuff is going to work.
Need 4 times 4000 ansi lumen projectors, our own tailor made screens, splitter boxes, four cameras, cables, and monitors…should be fun!

In some ways this is a case of getting there and adapting as we go.

This year is different. We have a larger tent, hoping for 3000 men.
Can you imagine that?

3000 men from all over Australia and the world.

If you have not registered yet, get on board.
This year we have new caterers, and you will need to register to guarantee food for the Friday and Saturday.
Love to see you there.

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