Australia Day

I love my country, can’t imagine living anywhere else…

I love our lack of pretension
I love the fact we don’t ‘pump’ each other up
I love the fact we are so egalitarian.
I love the fact that mostly you can do and be who you want to be
I love the fact that at our heart, and at our best, we are a generous, giving country, and we are willing to give people a go.

I love our fresh air, fresh water, clean beaches, fishing, swimming…driving along the beach.
I love our coffee, our innovation, our ‘can do’ attitude.

I love the fact we are not English, American or anything else…we are unique.

If you take our relatively small population into account, we kick the worlds butt in whatever sport we turn our hand to.
We are creative, smart and good people.

I love Australia, I love its people.

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