Pastor of one church…for 16 years

Coming up to the 16th year of my Ministry at Inglewood Church.
This is not a long reflection type post…just a brief thought in the light of what is happening…
A lot of friends and aquaitances are in the process of leaving their church, reconsidering their ministry roles, moving to other ministry positions, other churches…

I don’t have anything against moving churches, God calls people to certain places for a season, a role…a task.

That is not my story, and I feel like Inglewood Church is where God has me for life. This may change at some point, but I cant imagine when or why.

Its a bit like a footy player, some of them are ‘journeymen’, some of them are one club players.
For me…I am finding God is changing me a lot as a leader, as the church goes through change. Its a interesting journey.

4 thoughts on “Pastor of one church…for 16 years”

  1. Congrats Mark on 16 yrs – well done!

    I'm about to launch into my 29th year pastoring at C3HH – I recommend hanging around if God gives you the opportunity

  2. Congrats. I've been thinking a lot about people leaving churches recently. I guess it depends on why they are leaving. If they feel God is calling them to a certain place or church, sure…but I get frustrated when people change churches constantly for selfish, petty reasons…because they can. I've found moving to the country has taught me a lot about commitment to church since we are not spoiled for choice.

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