Hysteria over Nic Naitunui

First up, I think Nic looks like he will be a great player, and more importantly, a decent young man.

But the hysteria by the West Australian media over him proves the hypothesis that they are all ‘Eaglecentric’.

The Sunday Times lead sports story was how Nic showed courage and leadership when all looked lost as an undermanned and young Essendon side pressed against the home side Eagles.

I almost sprayed my flat white over the back page of ‘The West’ today when I read their assertion that Nic was now a likely Brownlow contender, on the back of one poor punters misguided bet.

I am waiting for Barra’s next instalment on 6pr tonight…can’t wait!

Lets hope he does not believe all the press about himself and suffer under the weight and rock star adulation the WA Press serve up on Eagles players in this state.

2 thoughts on “Hysteria over Nic Naitunui”

  1. i really like naitanui and agree that he seems a very grounded young fella. he should be a very exciting player to watch and i just wish he wasn't playing for the scum up the road.

    but yes, the media do go a bit silly over him. it was pointed out on the channel 10 news that he averaged 1.5 kicks per game last season – 15 kicks in 10 games. that's a very poor average by anyone's standards and whilst he has massive potential, he still has a long way to go. good luck to him and i hope he achieves his dreams. i also hope he comes to his senses and requests a trade to freo 😉

  2. It was not just the WA media, even the Victorian media where 'gaga-ing' over him last night.

    One person made the comment that he has gotten more attention after 12 games than what Chris Judd did…

    Make of it what you want.

    Agree the hype is a bit silly at the moment and just the kid play.

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