Yeh, that aint me

I must have that face.

Time after time complete strangers come up to me, sure I am someone else they know.
This weekend at the Angus Buchan conference, it happened about four times.

On top of that….
there were at least 3 other blokes named ‘Mark Edwards’ at the conference. I know that for a fact, and I met one of them!

Furthermore, there is a blogger who posts on Phil Bakers blog, a pastor, like me, called….Mark Edwards.

Someone once told me I had very average looks….they were entirely correct!

2 thoughts on “Yeh, that aint me”

  1. I saw a Mark Edwards nametag on the rego table at Cornerstone two years ago and I thought it might be you. Obviously it wasn't 😉

  2. I've always thought … not sure why … but you've always reminded me of Bruce Lee.

    Now was that random or what?

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